3500 Dev hours

55 Dexperts

2 $ billion by 2020

10 $ trillion by 2027

TOKEN's Innovations

End-to-end blockchain ecosystem build on Ethereum

TOKEN Offerings

Whitelisted Ethereum addresses are able to buy tokens.
A score is generated for each project based on the success
rate of participating buyer’s previous buys. This is possible
because we know the current performance of the tokens
they bought previously.

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TOKEN Exchange

Like UniSwap, our exchange allows swap, send, pool and create
exchange functions. Unlike UniSwap, however, our exchange
supports a growing project funding community who became
whitelisted during the first token sale they participated in. This
creates the potential for ICO and STO ubiquity and

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Unsold tokens from offerings are sent to this fund. ITO is
an ERC20 liquidity token that is minted in favour of token
sale participants at the end of each sale. Proposals are made
to exchange ITO with assets in the TOKEN Fund and ITO
holders vote on these proposals.

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Comments by a few
of our Dexperts

  • Finally, we can see tokenised fundraising where people with brilliant ideas will not need centralized companies, but can still raise untold sums in minutes from regular people making modest contributions from every corner of the earth.

    Stefan Bergstrom

  • I do not see how it can be in the retail public’s interest to be encouraged to invest equity in startups with a 90% failure rate and probably at least 5 years to exit, yet a token that can be used in a project way faster than 5 years or traded on a secondary exchange can be the devil. It’s nonsense.

    Paul Mears

    Crypto, Angel Investing
  • It was impossible for me not to support it as there is no other alternative in this niche. We need to have our community back as it is now filled with hype eaters. The true and core community need to do something about all that. And what could be better than to use our beloved technology for it?

    Yaroslav Belkin

    CEO & Founder at Belkin Marketing
  • We are seeing heightened business risk for investments in the ICO and STO space. The external validation by the experts on the TOKEN platform mitigates those risks. It also promotes best-practice in ICOs.

     Stephan Horvath

    Partner at Burj Financial, Dubai

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